Assignment Themes For 2018
    January                 Tombstones
    February               Back Alleys
    March                   Abstract
    April                      Bicycle Parts
    May                       Street Life
    June                      Action Shots
    July                        Insects
    August                  Architecture
    September           Low Light
    October                Catching People

    November            City Skylines
    December             Vibrant Color


    Name your Photos and Resize for Submission

    If you wish to submit photos for the review at our next meeting, please send them by email to [email protected].
    • Attach your images to the email, do not insert them in the email.  
    • Your images must be in JPEG format.
    • Image size should preferably be a minimum of 1440 pixels on the longest side.
    • The print resolution should preferably be set at 72 ppi.
    • Keep file size small as best you can.

    Name your photos as follows for Monthly Submissions
    (Capitalize as Shown)
    Assignment - Name of Your Picture - Your Full Name
              Example: Assignment - Waterfall in Park - Joe Smoe.jpg
    B&W - Name of Your Picture - Your Full Name
              Example: B&W - Waterfall in Park - Joe Smoe.jpg
    Color - Name of Your Picture - Your Full Name
             Example: Color - Waterfall in Park - Joe Smoe.jpg

    Voting Process:

    After the meeting, the current month's Assignment photos will be posted.  An email will be sent out with a link to the images and requesting your vote. Members votes will be compiled and the winning photo will be posted on the Home Page until the next monthly meeting.